Elaine Hill is a commercial photographer creating images for marketing, editorial and advertising throughout Ireland and the UK.

Elaine approached me looking guidance on how best to display her large portfolio of work online. She had tried several templates on various websites but with little success. Over a few meetings we had an agreed wireframe for the site and agreed what content to go on to the site. As a photographer, it was key for Elaine that the images were the focus and that they would be the first thing a visitor to the website would see. 

What we achieved was an enticing visual summary of Elaine's work with a dynamic grid-style homepage. Page animations, scaling fonts, and page headers display her work in a bold and immersive way. 

I needed someone to bring my website to life and Ryan was able to see my vision perfectly and transform it into a beautiful navigation of my work.

He knows how to combine what we creatives see and what potential clients need, it flows so easily which is key to the success of any website. Ryan was so efficient, solving any queries I had in an instant which in itself is invaluable.

I have had such fantastic feedback already so I can’t thank him enough!
— Elaine Hill